The Collective Sound Academy

Summer Music Camp Scholarships

Scholarship applications can be emailed or mailed via post to:

The Collective Sound
1240 Logan AVE. STE O
Costa Mesa CA, 92626
United States

Need Based Scholarships

Partial scholarships will be available to students needing financial assistance to attend Summer Camp.

Scholarship Application (PDF)


Paul Goguen Scholarship

Paul Goguen was a gifted musician who expressed himself beautifully and creatively through his art. He attended the Collective Sound Summer Music Camp in 2008. The experience was one of the highlights of his life. Paul lived with intensity and passion for what is truly important. With his playfulness and sincerity he connected deeply with others and his humor often exposed how ridiculous the world can be. Paul looked at life in his own unique way and questioned everything. He was intolerant of things that were trivial, pretentious or cruel. Paul’s life calls on us to be more authentic and caring and, though he left this world on 10/3/08, he continues to be an inspiration.

The Paul Goguen Scholarship fund has been established to assist talented young artists wishing to attend the Collective Sound Summer Music Camp but in need of financial assistance to do so.

Paul G Scholarship Application (PDF)

Dr. Bankhead Merit Award

The Dr Bankhead Players Award scholarship will be awarded to students who display outstanding ability on their respective instrument.

Dr. J Bankhead Scholarship Application (PDF)

The Collective Sound

The Collective Sound Summer Music Academy

The Worlds First Touring Summer Music Camp


  • Ages 12- 18
  • Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, & More
  • 3 Weeks In Southern California
  • 3 Weeks In Barcelona Spain

The Collective Sound is the world’s first touring summer music program, TCS is a 3 or 6 week Summer Music Academy that provides youth, ages 12 – 18yrs, with an authentic musical experience in writing, recording, and performing original music. With a focus on creative collaboration, young musicians are placed into bands where they are guided through the original songwriting process with a group of other young musicians from around the world. TCS provides an experience where participants record in professional studios, shoot music videos, learn music technology, receive insight into the current state of the music industry and perform on a multi-stop tour that allows time for field trips to studios, radio stations, labels and more.