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Reunification and Inspiration

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Throughout the afternoon the campers were dropped off and with each one came a new lot of excitement. Reuniting with old friends and catching each other up on the last 12 months of our lives. Although we have been away from each other so long it’s like we’ve never left and the jokes are always endless. So people have gotten taller some have different hair colours, there is so much to learn about those who are new at camp. The things we discuss during the next couple of days will form the basis of our songs, but i’ll come back to that later. We settled in to our dorm rooms and got acquainted with each other’s living habits. Situations like these always involve compromise so the bottom bunk could be a sacrifice that you have to take.

The first full day of camp is always exciting. You’ve got songs to write and genres to explore. This year the two bands at The Collective Sound got straight into writing their first song. The process of writing songs can be a tricky one. It’s important to keep a level head and value everyone’s opinions equally. You will all draw inspiration from different sources and eventually you will all draw inspiration from each other. Getting to that point although is easier said than done. It will take compromise, perseverance and resilience, all things that are necessary lessons to learn which is one of the many reason The Collective Sound is set apart from other camps. We come to write music but we leave with life lessons and experiences.

Inspiration comes from a lot of places so in order to get our heads in the game we spent Monday night at the ‘FishBowl’ watching music videos. The music video game has become a sort of tradition at TCS. It not is not only a fun guessing game but also a way to get to know the creative tastes and inspirations of our fellow campers. From Radiohead to Bonnie Tyler, Death Grips and Vance Joy the selection was wide and wonderful.

There are several variables to the equation but only time will tell what the product is.

Katie Hensman

Author Katie Hensman

Katie is a young musician from New Zealand and has attended The Collective Sound for several years.

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