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A Common Goal

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Something that is really neat about The Collective Sound is the drive it gives kids to continue with music throughout the year. When I first attended the camp I was a shy introvert that had never dreamed of writing let alone playing original music to a crowd. Three years later and I have played a handful of originals in different settings at home but moreover have the confidence to get on stage and actually enjoy being up there I along with many others can’t help but thank TCS for that.

Open Mic Nights happen a couple of times at camp, giving people a chance to showcase how far they have come in a year and exhibit their personal style. Like every year I sat with my mouth open in sheer awe for 2 hours listening to the incredible talent of everyone in the room. People that just a year earlier couldn’t play an instrument were shredding like no tomorrow and those who I had no clue could sing belted out some extremely moving pieces. Covers are welcomed but it is extra special when someone plays an original. They show part of themselves through their art form. Just a night later I was sitting out on the balcony with two fellow campers. Out of nowhere one of them busts out a ridiculous original Slam Poem that they had written during the year. Art can come in so many forms. Through music, photo, drawing, movement and writing (just to name a few) people reveal themselves and emotions that cannot be expressed in any other way. The Collective Sound, although focusing on music, is a place where all art can be harnessed and inspired. Seeing what people learn in 3 weeks and how they translate it through to 52 weeks of the year, adapting it to their regular life and home is phenomenal.

We saw ‘The Music Of Strangers’ which is a documentary about Yo-Yo Ma and the SilkRoad Ensemble. For those of you who don’t know the SilkRoad Ensemble is a group of musicians from all around the world that have come together with a sole purpose, to keep the historic culture of their country alive through music. I would urge each and everyone of you too watch ‘The Music Of Strangers’, even if you’re not into music. There is a lot that can be learnt from a group of people that have undergone a great deal of tragedy. There is a number of things that correspond between the SilkRoad Ensemble and The Collective Sound. One of them being the fact that we all have a common goal and when we unite to achieve that goal incredible things can happen.


Katie Hensman

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Katie is a young musician from New Zealand and has attended The Collective Sound for several years.

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