The Collective Sound

Summer Music Academy, Barcelona


The Collective Sound

Summer Music Academy, Southern California

The Collective Sound offers three-week residential programs in Southern California and Barcelona, Spain, that provide young musicians, ages 12 – 18, with an intensive musical experience focused on collaboration. Students are placed into bands where they are guided through the original songwriting process with other young musicians from around the world. Students then record in a professional studio, storyboard and shoot a music video, learn about music technology, discuss the current state of the music industry and perform on a multi-show regional tour.


Week one is all about creative collaboration, team building, problem solving, musicianship and songwriting. Bands are formed and will write at least two original songs.


Recording techniques, video treatment and storyboarding are the main focus for week two. Bands record in studio, shoot a music video and have a band photo shoot.


The final week will be a chance to show off all the hard work! Bands will perform their two original songs at various venues and will master the many aspects of touring.


JUNE 30, 2019 – JULY 19, 2019

Barcelona is one of Spains most beautiful cities and the regional capital of Catalonia. With the historic Gothic Quarter, La Rambla, Castle, numerous festivals and Antoni Gaudí’s distinctive architecture it is an amazing place to attend The Collective Sound. The local music scene is lively and raw, rich with influences from local songwriters, poets, historic flamenco, and the urban life.

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JULY 14, 2019 – AUGUST 2, 2019

Centrally located to Southern California, TCS is held in Long Beach, in the heart of Los Angeles County. Students tour and visit the local areas of Downtown LA, Hollywood, San Diego, and Orange County. California is home to vast portion of the music industry, historic recording studios, and has long been the home of The Collective Sound HQ and Studio.

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The Collective Sound Academy, Summer Music Camp has been an experience of a lifetime. Along with playing the music that YOU love to play, write, and record, you also get to spend the time meeting some of the coolest people that you will never forget.

Vince Gutierrez

Riccardo is very much enthusiastic about his experience at The Collective Sound. We want to thank you and your staff for creating such a great project and, specifically, for providing Riccardo with important, useful tools towards adulthood.

Aldo Cernuto